Remaking a cloth into a dress

The other day a women named Astrid came by my studio with a bag of fabrics that she wanted to give to me. I ‘m so greatful! There was a beautiful fabric from Marimekko that really inspired me!  And a beautiful colorexplosioned fabric from the 60th,  I created a skirt and top that I would love to wear myself! ( see photo)

Also there was an old handcrafted tablecloth that inspired me to remake it into a bohemian wedding dress or if you’d like, a summerdress. What do you think?? 


The Marimekko fabric! Follow the upcoming bloggpost to see what I created out of it🙏🏻



This skirt & top I created out of the color explosion fabric from the 60th💎🌸🌺🍃🍑 



This dress remade from an old handmade tablecloth. Isn’t it fantastic to be able to consciously  reprocesse old handcraft into something totally different as in this case? 

It makes me feel very good to contribute to sustainability. I hope that you will to🙏🏻😘