My Valentine

have known Kent since high school but back then he wasn’t my type. I could never imagine that he would become the love of my life!

So, twenty years ago when I met him again, that night, I KNEW that he was the one!  That feeling you only feel once in your life and there is no doubt that it’s for life (sounds like a romantic movie haha) but I have never been more sure.

Funny though that most people around us was really skeptic about us as a couple. They thought that we had totally different lifes  and that we were to unalike. Well that was actually very good because we introduced us into one anothers lifes and opened up new visions to each other.

20 years together and we’re hoping for many more.  We had some ”bumps on the road” too offcourse!

We married 1 1/2year ago ( best day ever!) but.. that first year as married was actually our most unromantic year. Kent worked all the time, I felt not seen and didn’t get any attention!, no woo at all. It felt like we didn’t understand or didn’t listen to each others needs and we didn’t spend any quality time together.

I didn’t know how to bring us back together. I want to have a lovely & great relationship ( not satisfied with less) and I really wanted to find back to what we had, quickly ( the longer it takes the harder it is to get back to each other and maybe our love would slip away)

Finally ( after some struggle)we ended up really really talking, both understood our needs, we really listened! We decided to only remember the good memories we had, focus on the future and show each other that we understand the needs, spend quality time together and to care. From now on we really are engaged to put effort on us and we have found the way back to us. We have lots of love😍

Wishing you all a lovely day❤️ 


I adore him!


 Best day ever! When we married in Hawaii 


There is no place better! 


We have the best time when we are together  


Together we are powerful!  

Remaking a cloth into a dress

The other day a women named Astrid came by my studio with a bag of fabrics that she wanted to give to me. I ‘m so greatful! There was a beautiful fabric from Marimekko that really inspired me!  And a beautiful colorexplosioned fabric from the 60th,  I created a skirt and top that I would love to wear myself! ( see photo)

Also there was an old handcrafted tablecloth that inspired me to remake it into a bohemian wedding dress or if you’d like, a summerdress. What do you think?? 


The Marimekko fabric! Follow the upcoming bloggpost to see what I created out of it🙏🏻



This skirt & top I created out of the color explosion fabric from the 60th💎🌸🌺🍃🍑 



This dress remade from an old handmade tablecloth. Isn’t it fantastic to be able to consciously  reprocesse old handcraft into something totally different as in this case? 

It makes me feel very good to contribute to sustainability. I hope that you will to🙏🏻😘 

Braging about my children

Hi:) it’s not ok to brag but I really want to share my pride with you .

My son Hampus came back from LA the other week, well he came with his job, so I only had four days to spend with him at home😭. Anyway, he has been living in the US for six years and he is doing very well, working for Allard USA. So the entire company met at Malmö Live for conference where Hampus, my son(!!), recieved TWO awards, Peer to peer award and Summit award !!! (As in people’s choice and best seller in USA ) 😱🤩😍👏🏻💪🏼👍🏻

I’m SO proud over what he has accomplished in his life so far! He is so dedicated and works so hard and on top of that he decided to go to college and study economics. His story ( which I’ll tell you about some day) has gone from the bottom to the top and it’s been an emotional journey,  that I really think he should write a book about some day❤️


Peer to peer award! Goes to... Hampus⭐️ 

( in this pic with his bosses, Dennis, Me 😉and Peter)


And Summit award! Goes to ....Hampus!!⭐️ 




😭on his way back to LA! 



 More bragging! My other son Filip, who btw is the tallest one in our family, moved from home when he was eighteen. Bought himself an apartment, renovated it, sold it, made a good profit, bought a townhouse, renovated, sold it, made a better profit, bought a house, renovated and well now he decided to sell the house too and seeking to by a larger piece of land. He is SO dedicated and has such work ethics and when he puts his mind into something he always sees that he reaches his goals. I’m sure that property business and real estate is really for him. I’m so proud of him!❤️



Me, Kent , Hampus, Filip and my mom Tina. 

Ella, my last “brag”, my princess (she took the photo above)now seventeen years old. She is so clever, empathetic,  judicious and has a wise soul. I’m so proud of her engagement in school projects, working extra Jobs for her own finances. She is very thorough and dedicated in everything she does and my most appreciated side-kick and the one who created my website. She gives me great ideas and I would love to become her future buisinesspartner❤️



So, growing up to become such amazing persons as they have become makes my heart overwhelm and everything worthwhile, (it hasen’t always been ‘a dance on roses’ I assure you, but that’s another story)🥀❤️

This year

2018... where did it go? 

I haven’t been as creative as usual, I have actually been quit tired to be honest. The loss of my father has been to hard on me also the decision of selling the house, if its right or wrong, if it’ll be sold and when if so? Where will We be headed then? etc. so many questions and headaces that took focus from creativity and still is, BUT, enough now. I have decided to go with the flow!

2019 I’ll be focused! Promise! Also I’ll show more of my work processes, travels, take more photos and sharing on social media. I’ll be more proud of my accomplishments and not be afraid to share it with you. Be bolder ( in a good way;))

It has been a good year too! I’m SO grateful to all my customers, to all positive feedback and support. I’m looking forward to keep on working, create  even more fab dresses and to keep on collaborating with Tomas Öhlund (photographer)and Malin Holmgren (Model/Muse) and others❤️

I’ve travelled to LA a couple of times, Vegas, Palma, London, I’ve met interesting people, been to Kristallengalan etc had a great spread in a magazine about E.MallaS. Hope project ( that I’ll be focused on selling all dresses to finally donate all income to Cancerfund)

I have celebrated my sons 25th and 30th birthdays, feels really strange when I’m still so young ( haha)I must say that I am SO very proud over my sons and my daughter, I have a really hardworking loving and amazing family that means the world to me🙏🏻❤️

I wish you all a fantastic 2019🥂🍾✨Let’s  make the best of it!


Photo Cecilia Thornberg


I went to an influencer event arranged by ByCattie . It was a fantastic evening that was placed at restaurant Gastro where we were served serveral dishes ‘to die for’! In collaboration with Porsche Helsingborg we were given a presentation of the  lifestyle koncept and their upcoming release of Porsche panameran, in december,  wich btw I won!! I won the premieretour together with Cattie herself!! Cant wait to do it!! Yay!

I also won a dinner for two at Restaurant Gastro ( think I’ll bring Kent for a romantic dinner). On top of that I won a wonderfully scented fragrancecandle from Bysso Interior and an overnight stay at Helsingborgs newest hotel The Vault! Perfect because that’s the place I will go for a drink when I go out anyway! So when I get tired I’ll just go to my room😜 I say, GO there! The place I absolutely fantastic!

The evening ended with Helsingborgs Kvinnojour that talked about their work and how they help women and children who flees their homes because of domestic violence in close relations. So instead of receiving goodie bags we all gave one to Kvinnojouren as gifts for those women❤️

Very good thought ByCattie🙏🏻💕  

I ‘borrowed’  these photos by Lena Evertsson @ateljelena 




Porsche Helsingborg, Porsche911


The beautiful setup table at Gastro


Me and Cattie Bergåse, ByCattie


all our Goodibags that we gave! 

E.MallaS.  goodiebag contained a beautiful Chiffon kimono!


The whole Group of influencers!

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New dresses every week!

On Thursday it’s time to open up my showroom  again ( Thursdays & Fridays 3-7pm) like every week til new year:) Women need dresses for all the upcoming events through December so that’s the reason to open up for you. 

I want everyone to feel free to come to visit me, to get a free consultancy, to shop or maybe just to treat your self with a nice traditional fika.

Every week there will be new dresses, very selectively though, remember there is only one dress in each design. 

I try to find the creative flow within me as often as possible ( the best feeling when it happens by the way) I have an endless storage in my head with dresses that I want to create, my only problem is time and energy.

I hope to see some of you this week! Welcome❤️ 


Fika 40:- 


E.MallaS. dresses to shop, dressconsultancy, find a new fit or just visit me❤️

Fika & showroom

so, Thursday I open up my showroom for everyone to enjoy😀

I feel that it is a Perfect way for me and for my customers to have a spontaneous contact, consultancytalk or trying dresses and a cup of coffee together!

☕️🥮 I’ll be serving homebaked chocolatecake, saffron-cinnamonrolls and some other goodies for 40:-/p and of course if you shop any of E.MallaS. garments the fika or a glass of bubbles will be complimentary❤️ 

🆕So, from now and til the end of the year ( well, maybe I’ll continue) my opening hours are Thursday’s & Friday’s 3-7pm and other days by appointments . 

💵The cost of E.MallaS. garments under this period will be from 300:- and up! So YES, it’s for everyone’s wallet.

💃🏼Also! Every week you’ll find new dresses to shop! Best of all, there are only one dress in each design so you will all be exclusive/ welcome, Malin



Fika 40:-/p


Glögg & cinnamoncookies  


See you in E.MallaS. Showroom! 


E.MallaS. Hope Project

I´m super excited because now I´m finally done with E.MallaS. Hope Project! Wiiih!

It feels awesome to accomplish something that’s been in your mind for such a long time, to get it out of you and make it touchable and real! The satisfaction of being able to do something that can benefit to the research of cancer.

Well, I haven´t accomplished anything until the dresses are sold but I really really hope that you all out there will help<3 Every crown will be given to research!!

I have thought a lot about how meeting new people can open up new doors in your life!

This wouldn´t happen if it weren’t for Fatima, who inspired me and led me to finally understand what I could do and that I actually could make a difference!!!

Also…. to be so privileged to meet Åsa Lundegård, chief editor at M-Magasin who pushed me to continue when I´ve had put the project on hold. I´m so grateful to her.

After a visit from Nicolaischool in my showroom they decided that they wanted to be part of my project. So eight, third grade, students of Textile & Design program has challenged themselves to sew in stretch-fabric and silk which are both very difficult to sew in. They created 15 dresses, yay!!

Then! I wrote on FB if there were any seamstresses who wanted to voluntary help me to create seventeen more dresses and…. Wow…. We have been sewing together, helping and supporting eachother through the work process and we finished the last peace Monday night!

We did our best and now let´s just hope that all dresses will be sold!!

As told, every crown will be given to research!


Stockholm part 2!

Thursday morning, taxi picked us up at 7.15 to go to Tv3, Aftonbladet live. First we went to get some final make-up retouch before  Maria and Anna Anka were attending to an interview about the Swedish Hollywood wifes that started Tuesday night.  Annie Lööf was also there to be interviewed. Me and David (Annas boyfriend) waited outside the film studio. I think it´s very interesting to see it all from behind the scenesJ

We spend the afternoon at NK to buy some things for myself and for Maria to bring home  ( oh yes, I forgot that before that Maria had a phone-interview  and one commercial- recording  puh)

Anyway, we met the designer of MaxJenny and she invited us to see her fashionshow at NK, so in between the shopping we saw her show, fantastic prints and stunning creations!

Friday! Picked up around 7.30 and off to the Strand Hotel to an influencer-breakfast. It´s kind of weird to see the influencers ( my opinion), not really talking to each other. Instead they are talking to (not in) their phones, filming , one louder than the other. Off course it´s their job to  film /live podding for other people to see and listen to them. They put their inside out for everyone, being SO personal and intimate towards their audience and listeners BUT  the people that are there, around them in presence, they hardy notice. It seems to me so impersonal but…. I´m getting old, I know!

Well, it was fun anywayJ We previewed the upcoming show of Swedish Hollywood wives together with the influencers, there were pics taken and interviews with both Maria and Anna.

I went for an outside walk while Maria was interviewed and I had a fast cup of coffee with Ann Wilson who just arrived to the hotel. So, now we hurried back to make the last changes of Marias outfit for Kristallengalan. We both got dressed, curled our hair, putting our makeup on and went to Gubbhyllan for a preparty/mingle with all TV3 profiles before entering Cirkus where Kristallen Galan took place.

Soooo much people, photographers, media. Everyone sparkeled and looked beautiful but I still think that Maria was stunning in E.MallaS. dress!


Saturday and it´s time to go back home! Thank you SO much Maria for taking me with you every step this last week, we have had a great time together and you are such a generous, fun and thoughtful person, also one of my closest friends<3

Finally home! I just LOVE to come home to a warm, cleaned, candlelit home<3 Thank you my beautiful Ella and Kent for making me so happy and I really feel missed and loved!

Stockholm part 1!

I´ve had a great week in Stockholm together with Maria. Very intense but interesting to see how it works behind the scenes and to get a sense of how exposed you are and at the same time all the opportunities  that are given to you when you are a celeb ( as Maria). It´s been so much fun to be by Marias side as a bystander, as her sidekick but most of all as friends.

So I arrived Monday and started of with NK Galan together with Maria and Johan Pråmell ( who is the producer of Wahlgrens world that won Best TV- Show at KristallenGalan)                                                                

We went to bed pretty late and went up early the day after because we were picked up around 7 am puh (not what I´m used to) to go to TV3 presentation of all shows for the Fall.

Journalists everywhere, cameras, tv-profiles, Muas, staff, and people all over! People I´ve never met but seen a lot of on TV offcourse. The feeling of when you are so familiar with somebody that you think you know them and are just about to say Hi!! And then you realize that you have actually never met before haha. I talked a lot with Åsa Vesterlund and I really have to say how wonderful she is! Maria looked stunning in E. MallaS. Dress!

After this intense morning we went straight to Mix Megapol to be part of a talkshow called Dilemma. I was like the fly on the wall, sitting in the corner, listening, absorbing the impression of how it all works in a radiostation, fun I must say!

So with Anders Nilsson as the leader of the show, Maria, Josefin Crawford and master of desserts Sebastien Boudet as the guests, they solved a bunch of dilemmas together, very enjoyable.

Even though I was just a viewer and didn’t have to accomplish anything, I was just as tired as Maria ( and she had yetlag on top off it all). With all the new impressions we headed back to the hotel At Six, to attend to TV3s dinnerparty  wich ended up SO fun!! We sat next to Frida Boisen and Magnus Karlsson ( from the Tv-show Lyxfällan) and had some fun conversations. I will watch every program from now on! Yes, another late evening.

We had Wednesday off except for a meeting later that day. A meeting that I ´ve really looked forward to!  I met Åsa Lundegård, chief editor for M-Magasin to see the  story they wrote about E.MallaS. Hope Project that will be publishied in M-Magasin on September 27th! Can´t wait, I´m SO excited!

Gynning design!

looking for you.jpeg

How beautiful is Carolina Gynnings work?

I like her designs, but fell in love with a special one... ''Looking for you''


When I saw this beautiful print I had an idea, I thought I could make some kind of garment of it. So I bought the ''looking for you'' bed set and started sewing... After sitting with this bed set and letting all the creativity flow, I managed to create a kimono! I love this piece, and I hope to do more! I left it for her to bring home when I met her, and I got these beautiful pictures of her wearing it! 


(This is not a collaboration, just something I did for fun!)


Hi everyone ! I know, it's been a while since you heard from me last. But the truth is that I have been up to a lot, so I thought that I would share one or two things with you :)

Me, Malin & Tomas has done some photoshoots lately, Tomas is my most appreciated photographer, and he is the one who usually helps me out at photoshoots. Malin (not me) is my stunning muse and model, I call her my own existing barbie doll!
It is hard to find time to a photoshoot these days since Tomas is working away every other week, as well as Malin having to take care of her beautiful four children at home. BUT... we do find some time for creativity. 

Mostly we do shoots in Helsingborg, I just think it's a beautiful city with lots of amazing places and areas. This time we decided to use Vikingsbergsparken, Pålsjöbaden and the Henrik Larsson statue as shooting- location. I like capturing our photos outdoors and catching the movement in both fabric and body. It's always so fun and easy working with Tomas and Malin, we all know each other so well by now and we often have the same ideas. 

Here you have some 'behind the scenes' photos of both me and Malin :)



Photographer Cecilia Thornberg has done a couple of photoshoots where she has among others used E.MallaS. dresses. During one of our ''fika'' -moments we talked about having me in front of the camera for once, instead of behind it! All I can say is WOW, so fun!

We surely used E.MallaS. garments, we used smoke and fans for more effect. I am, believe it or not, very shy in front of the camera... I feel so much more comfortable behind the camera than in the ''spotlight''. But, I got captured with very sheer apparel while only wearing underwear! Yay me! It feels so good to have a couple of nice photos of myself, I am so satisfied with these pictures. I feel gorgeous!


''VÄLA bröllopsmässa''

I am looking forward to exhibit my brand on the second ''bröllopsmässa'' this month, but this time at Väla, Ödåkra. On Saturday and Sunday at 10:00-18:00 you are welcome to join me outside Twilfit, where you´ll get a glimpse of my designs! Custombykent will participate with one of his incredible motorcycles, so be sure to bring both friends and family!

I will be at number 40, entrance 5!

I will be at number 40, entrance 5!

(Click on picture for more info)

(Click on picture for more info)



Last saturday I decided to join a healthboost program at Ann Wilson Dance And Fitness Academy, with Ann and Leila :)

We were excersicing all day long, puh! But I most certainly did carry a lot of new advice with me, for instance simple and uncomplicated ways of working out, as well as two interesting lectures/ presentations.


You might notice an empty excercise mat... yes, it´s mine. BUT, I wasn't escaping! I was actually helping Ann with serving ''fika'' from time to time.

Super fun day!


What a night!


I want to thank all of you who came to my opening, what a night! I did not expect that so many people would come and celebrate with me, & what a wonderful experience seeing you in the dresses that I created! 

I´m very glad to say that the event went amazing , I had a great time & I hope all of you who came had a great time as well. Both me and my daughter were busy handing out the goodiebags, since there were people at the door constantly. But, having people at your door constantly was not a bad thing... I got to meet & see many wonderful faces, both acquaintances and people I haven't met before.  

During the course of the event, I showed a lot of new fabrics that I can't wait to start working on. For instance my new favorite quality, chiffon with a polyester mixture. I'm completely in love with it! An absolutely fantastic feeling of exclusive, light, soft and flowy texture.  

Worth mentioning is that I was not the only one exhibiting my brand... so did Lisa Johansson & Ann Shergill! Lisa, a very good friend of mine, came up with this brilliant idea of delivering flowers at your door, instead of having you go out and buy them. Don't you think that is a clever thought? Imagine being invited over at someones house, and you don't have any time going out to get a gift to bring. Here is your solution:

Skärmavbild 2018-03-13 kl. 16.39.53.png

As mentioned, Ann Shergill joined the event with her beautiful jewelry. She has for instance created bracelets for children who are getting baptized, as well as jewelry for the pregnant. Our own Swedish crown princess Victoria has actually worn one of her creations during her pregnancy! How awesome?


Creates beautiful jewelry mainly for children!

(Click on image for website)


Showroom & Atelier Opening!

You are all invited to my Showroom & atelier grand opening, on march 8! I want you all there to celebrate with me, and I hope you like it just as much as I do. Be sure to sign both you and your friends / family members up at !

Be sure to be on time, since the first 20 arrivers gets a goodiebag filled with wonderful and fun goods! There will be free drinks and snacks, both alcoholic & nonalcoholic alternatives are available, as well as fingerfoods and rawbars, dig in!

Also... if you feel like ordering or buying something during the event, you get a full 20% off your purchase. 

I am so excited meeting you all on Thursday, especially having you celebrating with me! I hope I'll see you at 18:00 - 20:00 (Vikingsgatan 2, Helsingborg)


''Fest- & Bröllopsmässa''

Have nothing to do this weekend? Come join me at the ''Fest- & Bröllopsmässa'' on Sunday, March 4th at Guldfågeln Arena in Kalmar! At 13.45 my dresses will (hopefully) WOW the catwalk in ''graduate & party'' style. So exciting!! Come and get some inspiration for your soon future dress, designed by me maybe? 


Here you have some sneak peeks of what will be shown and worn. I have worked pretty hard this week for these dresses to stand out of the rest. I ended up with beautiful wedding-, party- and prom dresses, as well as one colorful & tough dress for myself that I will be wearing on Saturday at ''Guldfesten''. 

I´ve got some other exciting news as well... My showroom is finally finished! Im very happy and proud with the outcome, and thrilled to be able to share it with you soon... 

/ Malla

When a dress finds home

I love my job!

The other day I had a client that wanted nothing else but beige or earthy colors and so I created a dress in her wishes. Then when she arrives to my studio I knew right away that this dress was not for her!  She felt what I felt too.

She told me that she absolutely didn’t want strong colors or patterned fabric…….. Can you imagine how lyrical happy she was when she left my showroom with a red colorful, big patterned E.MallaS. dress! She discovered that colors gave her a beautiful glow, she bloomed! It´s SO amazing when a dress finds home! It’s like Cinderellas shoe, it just slips onto the body like on none else. Fantastic feeling every time that happens<3

Thats when you feel like dancing!

Thats when you feel like dancing!

Ready to create

Finally I´m done in the new studio/ showroom. Now my fingers are itching and ready to create some new dresses! I will participate in a Party & wedding exhibition in Kalmar March 4th so I want to show some new exquisite gawns there.

Upcoming event! On Thursday March 8 I´ll invite you to a two hour mingel at E.MallaS,. showroom ( tell you more about it soon)

I´ve wanted to do paintings for a long time but never seem to find space in life to do so. Well, I finally made two paintings. I made a very dark print on canvas and used acrylics to paint highlights in white and gold, just aesthetic and simple.

See you in a few days!