Hi everyone ! I know, it's been a while since you heard from me last. But the truth is that I have been up to a lot, so I thought that I would share one or two things with you :)

Me, Malin & Tomas has done some photoshoots lately, Tomas is my most appreciated photographer, and he is the one who usually helps me out at photoshoots. Malin (not me) is my stunning muse and model, I call her my own existing barbie doll!
It is hard to find time to a photoshoot these days since Tomas is working away every other week, as well as Malin having to take care of her beautiful four children at home. BUT... we do find some time for creativity. 

Mostly we do shoots in Helsingborg, I just think it's a beautiful city with lots of amazing places and areas. This time we decided to use Vikingsbergsparken, Pålsjöbaden and the Henrik Larsson statue as shooting- location. I like capturing our photos outdoors and catching the movement in both fabric and body. It's always so fun and easy working with Tomas and Malin, we all know each other so well by now and we often have the same ideas. 

Here you have some 'behind the scenes' photos of both me and Malin :)



Photographer Cecilia Thornberg has done a couple of photoshoots where she has among others used E.MallaS. dresses. During one of our ''fika'' -moments we talked about having me in front of the camera for once, instead of behind it! All I can say is WOW, so fun!

We surely used E.MallaS. garments, we used smoke and fans for more effect. I am, believe it or not, very shy in front of the camera... I feel so much more comfortable behind the camera than in the ''spotlight''. But, I got captured with very sheer apparel while only wearing underwear! Yay me! It feels so good to have a couple of nice photos of myself, I am so satisfied with these pictures. I feel gorgeous!