E.MallaS. Hope Project

I´m super excited because now I´m finally done with E.MallaS. Hope Project! Wiiih!

It feels awesome to accomplish something that’s been in your mind for such a long time, to get it out of you and make it touchable and real! The satisfaction of being able to do something that can benefit to the research of cancer.

Well, I haven´t accomplished anything until the dresses are sold but I really really hope that you all out there will help<3 Every crown will be given to research!!

I have thought a lot about how meeting new people can open up new doors in your life!

This wouldn´t happen if it weren’t for Fatima, who inspired me and led me to finally understand what I could do and that I actually could make a difference!!!

Also…. to be so privileged to meet Åsa Lundegård, chief editor at M-Magasin who pushed me to continue when I´ve had put the project on hold. I´m so grateful to her.

After a visit from Nicolaischool in my showroom they decided that they wanted to be part of my project. So eight, third grade, students of Textile & Design program has challenged themselves to sew in stretch-fabric and silk which are both very difficult to sew in. They created 15 dresses, yay!!

Then! I wrote on FB if there were any seamstresses who wanted to voluntary help me to create seventeen more dresses and…. Wow…. We have been sewing together, helping and supporting eachother through the work process and we finished the last peace Monday night!

We did our best and now let´s just hope that all dresses will be sold!!

As told, every crown will be given to research!