Dresses in progress

Hi again, a few days after sharing the new website! What a fantastic response you all gave me, Thank You!!! :-D

Since then I´ve been to Formex in Stockholm to get some inspiration. It was fun but maybe a repeat from the August show ( just my opinion). Anyway , its always fun to go there and it gives you a new "rearrange everything when I go back"- feeling. Thats exactly what I´m going to do! I´m moving the studio and showroom into another part of Hertzska Villan and it´s going to be fantastic! (will show you pics soon).

But, first I have a deadline to finish. Right now I´m working on a dress in pale pink lace, I have a good feeling about this one! Oh, I have another one in mind too that I started on at the same time (sometimes I just cant wait!) This amazing fabric will be stunning on my client! Next up is a rosé- sequine dress and after that a jumpsuit.

I´ll be back with photos and some more updates in the end of the week.

Need to go back to my creative flow!