Stockholm part 1!

I´ve had a great week in Stockholm together with Maria. Very intense but interesting to see how it works behind the scenes and to get a sense of how exposed you are and at the same time all the opportunities  that are given to you when you are a celeb ( as Maria). It´s been so much fun to be by Marias side as a bystander, as her sidekick but most of all as friends.

So I arrived Monday and started of with NK Galan together with Maria and Johan Pråmell ( who is the producer of Wahlgrens world that won Best TV- Show at KristallenGalan)                                                                

We went to bed pretty late and went up early the day after because we were picked up around 7 am puh (not what I´m used to) to go to TV3 presentation of all shows for the Fall.

Journalists everywhere, cameras, tv-profiles, Muas, staff, and people all over! People I´ve never met but seen a lot of on TV offcourse. The feeling of when you are so familiar with somebody that you think you know them and are just about to say Hi!! And then you realize that you have actually never met before haha. I talked a lot with Åsa Vesterlund and I really have to say how wonderful she is! Maria looked stunning in E. MallaS. Dress!

After this intense morning we went straight to Mix Megapol to be part of a talkshow called Dilemma. I was like the fly on the wall, sitting in the corner, listening, absorbing the impression of how it all works in a radiostation, fun I must say!

So with Anders Nilsson as the leader of the show, Maria, Josefin Crawford and master of desserts Sebastien Boudet as the guests, they solved a bunch of dilemmas together, very enjoyable.

Even though I was just a viewer and didn’t have to accomplish anything, I was just as tired as Maria ( and she had yetlag on top off it all). With all the new impressions we headed back to the hotel At Six, to attend to TV3s dinnerparty  wich ended up SO fun!! We sat next to Frida Boisen and Magnus Karlsson ( from the Tv-show Lyxfällan) and had some fun conversations. I will watch every program from now on! Yes, another late evening.

We had Wednesday off except for a meeting later that day. A meeting that I ´ve really looked forward to!  I met Åsa Lundegård, chief editor for M-Magasin to see the  story they wrote about E.MallaS. Hope Project that will be publishied in M-Magasin on September 27th! Can´t wait, I´m SO excited!