My Valentine

have known Kent since high school but back then he wasn’t my type. I could never imagine that he would become the love of my life!

So, twenty years ago when I met him again, that night, I KNEW that he was the one!  That feeling you only feel once in your life and there is no doubt that it’s for life (sounds like a romantic movie haha) but I have never been more sure.

Funny though that most people around us was really skeptic about us as a couple. They thought that we had totally different lifes  and that we were to unalike. Well that was actually very good because we introduced us into one anothers lifes and opened up new visions to each other.

20 years together and we’re hoping for many more.  We had some ”bumps on the road” too offcourse!

We married 1 1/2year ago ( best day ever!) but.. that first year as married was actually our most unromantic year. Kent worked all the time, I felt not seen and didn’t get any attention!, no woo at all. It felt like we didn’t understand or didn’t listen to each others needs and we didn’t spend any quality time together.

I didn’t know how to bring us back together. I want to have a lovely & great relationship ( not satisfied with less) and I really wanted to find back to what we had, quickly ( the longer it takes the harder it is to get back to each other and maybe our love would slip away)

Finally ( after some struggle)we ended up really really talking, both understood our needs, we really listened! We decided to only remember the good memories we had, focus on the future and show each other that we understand the needs, spend quality time together and to care. From now on we really are engaged to put effort on us and we have found the way back to us. We have lots of love😍

Wishing you all a lovely day❤️ 


I adore him!


 Best day ever! When we married in Hawaii 


There is no place better! 


We have the best time when we are together  


Together we are powerful!