Braging about my children

Hi:) it’s not ok to brag but I really want to share my pride with you .

My son Hampus came back from LA the other week, well he came with his job, so I only had four days to spend with him at home😭. Anyway, he has been living in the US for six years and he is doing very well, working for Allard USA. So the entire company met at Malmö Live for conference where Hampus, my son(!!), recieved TWO awards, Peer to peer award and Summit award !!! (As in people’s choice and best seller in USA ) 😱🤩😍👏🏻💪🏼👍🏻

I’m SO proud over what he has accomplished in his life so far! He is so dedicated and works so hard and on top of that he decided to go to college and study economics. His story ( which I’ll tell you about some day) has gone from the bottom to the top and it’s been an emotional journey,  that I really think he should write a book about some day❤️


Peer to peer award! Goes to... Hampus⭐️ 

( in this pic with his bosses, Dennis, Me 😉and Peter)


And Summit award! Goes to ....Hampus!!⭐️ 




😭on his way back to LA! 



 More bragging! My other son Filip, who btw is the tallest one in our family, moved from home when he was eighteen. Bought himself an apartment, renovated it, sold it, made a good profit, bought a townhouse, renovated, sold it, made a better profit, bought a house, renovated and well now he decided to sell the house too and seeking to by a larger piece of land. He is SO dedicated and has such work ethics and when he puts his mind into something he always sees that he reaches his goals. I’m sure that property business and real estate is really for him. I’m so proud of him!❤️



Me, Kent , Hampus, Filip and my mom Tina. 

Ella, my last “brag”, my princess (she took the photo above)now seventeen years old. She is so clever, empathetic,  judicious and has a wise soul. I’m so proud of her engagement in school projects, working extra Jobs for her own finances. She is very thorough and dedicated in everything she does and my most appreciated side-kick and the one who created my website. She gives me great ideas and I would love to become her future buisinesspartner❤️



So, growing up to become such amazing persons as they have become makes my heart overwhelm and everything worthwhile, (it hasen’t always been ‘a dance on roses’ I assure you, but that’s another story)🥀❤️