Stockholm part 2!

Thursday morning, taxi picked us up at 7.15 to go to Tv3, Aftonbladet live. First we went to get some final make-up retouch before  Maria and Anna Anka were attending to an interview about the Swedish Hollywood wifes that started Tuesday night.  Annie Lööf was also there to be interviewed. Me and David (Annas boyfriend) waited outside the film studio. I think it´s very interesting to see it all from behind the scenesJ

We spend the afternoon at NK to buy some things for myself and for Maria to bring home  ( oh yes, I forgot that before that Maria had a phone-interview  and one commercial- recording  puh)

Anyway, we met the designer of MaxJenny and she invited us to see her fashionshow at NK, so in between the shopping we saw her show, fantastic prints and stunning creations!

Friday! Picked up around 7.30 and off to the Strand Hotel to an influencer-breakfast. It´s kind of weird to see the influencers ( my opinion), not really talking to each other. Instead they are talking to (not in) their phones, filming , one louder than the other. Off course it´s their job to  film /live podding for other people to see and listen to them. They put their inside out for everyone, being SO personal and intimate towards their audience and listeners BUT  the people that are there, around them in presence, they hardy notice. It seems to me so impersonal but…. I´m getting old, I know!

Well, it was fun anywayJ We previewed the upcoming show of Swedish Hollywood wives together with the influencers, there were pics taken and interviews with both Maria and Anna.

I went for an outside walk while Maria was interviewed and I had a fast cup of coffee with Ann Wilson who just arrived to the hotel. So, now we hurried back to make the last changes of Marias outfit for Kristallengalan. We both got dressed, curled our hair, putting our makeup on and went to Gubbhyllan for a preparty/mingle with all TV3 profiles before entering Cirkus where Kristallen Galan took place.

Soooo much people, photographers, media. Everyone sparkeled and looked beautiful but I still think that Maria was stunning in E.MallaS. dress!


Saturday and it´s time to go back home! Thank you SO much Maria for taking me with you every step this last week, we have had a great time together and you are such a generous, fun and thoughtful person, also one of my closest friends<3

Finally home! I just LOVE to come home to a warm, cleaned, candlelit home<3 Thank you my beautiful Ella and Kent for making me so happy and I really feel missed and loved!