This year

2018... where did it go? 

I haven’t been as creative as usual, I have actually been quit tired to be honest. The loss of my father has been to hard on me also the decision of selling the house, if its right or wrong, if it’ll be sold and when if so? Where will We be headed then? etc. so many questions and headaces that took focus from creativity and still is, BUT, enough now. I have decided to go with the flow!

2019 I’ll be focused! Promise! Also I’ll show more of my work processes, travels, take more photos and sharing on social media. I’ll be more proud of my accomplishments and not be afraid to share it with you. Be bolder ( in a good way;))

It has been a good year too! I’m SO grateful to all my customers, to all positive feedback and support. I’m looking forward to keep on working, create  even more fab dresses and to keep on collaborating with Tomas Öhlund (photographer)and Malin Holmgren (Model/Muse) and others❤️

I’ve travelled to LA a couple of times, Vegas, Palma, London, I’ve met interesting people, been to Kristallengalan etc had a great spread in a magazine about E.MallaS. Hope project ( that I’ll be focused on selling all dresses to finally donate all income to Cancerfund)

I have celebrated my sons 25th and 30th birthdays, feels really strange when I’m still so young ( haha)I must say that I am SO very proud over my sons and my daughter, I have a really hardworking loving and amazing family that means the world to me🙏🏻❤️

I wish you all a fantastic 2019🥂🍾✨Let’s  make the best of it!


Photo Cecilia Thornberg