I went to an influencer event arranged by ByCattie . It was a fantastic evening that was placed at restaurant Gastro where we were served serveral dishes ‘to die for’! In collaboration with Porsche Helsingborg we were given a presentation of the  lifestyle koncept and their upcoming release of Porsche panameran, in december,  wich btw I won!! I won the premieretour together with Cattie herself!! Cant wait to do it!! Yay!

I also won a dinner for two at Restaurant Gastro ( think I’ll bring Kent for a romantic dinner). On top of that I won a wonderfully scented fragrancecandle from Bysso Interior and an overnight stay at Helsingborgs newest hotel The Vault! Perfect because that’s the place I will go for a drink when I go out anyway! So when I get tired I’ll just go to my room😜 I say, GO there! The place I absolutely fantastic!

The evening ended with Helsingborgs Kvinnojour that talked about their work and how they help women and children who flees their homes because of domestic violence in close relations. So instead of receiving goodie bags we all gave one to Kvinnojouren as gifts for those women❤️

Very good thought ByCattie🙏🏻💕  

I ‘borrowed’  these photos by Lena Evertsson @ateljelena 




Porsche Helsingborg, Porsche911


The beautiful setup table at Gastro


Me and Cattie Bergåse, ByCattie


all our Goodibags that we gave! 

E.MallaS.  goodiebag contained a beautiful Chiffon kimono!


The whole Group of influencers!

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