Welcome to my new website!

Follow me through my creative flows, thoughts, travels and personal moments.

I´ll embrace you with my passion for designing, custommade dresses, what inspires me to be creative and hopefully give you some inspiration to fulfill at least some of your dreams!

On this new website you ´ll be updated with "Favorite dress of the week" where I´ll publish the weekly mood .

Or you can scroll and be inspired under "Dresses" and maybe even find a dress in the new "Webshop"! Remember that there are only one dress in each design! How does it work? Well, when you buy a dress, make sure you contact me so that I can shorten it if needed or make changes etc. then I´ll send it to you the next day:-) Easy.

 It amazes me every time..... when a dress has been tryed on women and it doesn`t feel quite right... then .... one day...she comes, the right one! It´s like the dress has been waiting for her. A perfect match, Love at first sight! Sooner or later that happens to every dress that I´ve created.

Sometimes a client needs to rent a dress for only one night, maybe to a Tv-show or Gala,  and that gives sombody else the opportunity to buy it in the "Vintage Shop" after. I think its a great idea to reuse garments!

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See you soon! xoxo