About E.MallaS.


Swedish brand E.MallaS. creates exclusively 1ed custommade designs in quality fabrics from all around the world.

Each dress is adorned with a handgraved charm in genuine silver.

By hand and heart, E.MallaS. is focused on personalised dresses for women who wants what no one else wears.

You could have your own custommade dress made by order.

All creations are designed and handcrafted by Malin Hedlund-Plateryd, founder of the brand.


I´m Malin, Founder and Creative Designer of E.MallaS. established in 2011. The name is a short title of Mallasockertopp,

which my mom called me when I was a little girl.

I´m self-taught (autodidact), through my whole career. Being creative in different ways I figured things out on my own.

Reached experience through observations and eclectic work procedures til achieving results.

In the past I´ve done Home Decor, Paintings, Murals, Portraits, Sculptures as well as graphic designs for motorcycles which

led me to the path of teaching Art for ten years.

I used to remake most of the clothes that I bought. Sometimes because I just felt that it needed som details, sometimes

because I wanted a better fit or just inspired to create a new garment out of the old one.

I love dresses! Then why not create dresses the way I like them? So thats what I did, and luckily other women liked them too

and thats how E.MallaS. started.


My workprocedure and nish;

I don´t sketch, make patterns or messure! I visualise.

I do need to know bra-size, length and a few other questions so that I can get a sense of what to design.

Fabrics,trims and details are handpicked for each design. When a fabric attracts me, I immediatley get a vision of what to

create and to whom.

Then, inspired by the client, I start to create by hand and heart!


Let me Dress you too<3 Malin